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Great Harwood St John's

CE Primary School

Pictures of Amazing Home Learning!

Thank you for your wonderful 'Home Learning!'

Please keep sending me your work it is fantastic to see you all working so hard! 


EAD, UTW and Well-being - We made a BUG HOTEL in our Outdoor Area!

Spring 2 - Maths - Week 2 - Numbers to 20 and Beyond!

Fabulous Phonics - Spring 2 - Week 2

EAD, UTW and Wellbeing

Fabulous Phonics - Spring 2 - Week 1

Week 6

Art work and Wellbeing activities :) We made strawberry and chocolate milkshakes!

Fabulous Phonics - Week 6

Week 5

Fabulous Phonics - Week 5

Maths - Week 5 - Money

Beautiful Art Work - Week 5

Week 4

English - Week 4 - The Great Explorer

Fabulous Phonics - Week 4

UTW, EAD, PD - Week 4

Week 3

Week 2

Wonderful Art Work!

Week 1

Some of your wonderful poem's based on 'Cold by Shirley Hughes and Winter Writing

Fabulous Phonics!

Amazing Art Work!

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