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School Logo

Great Harwood St John's

CE Primary School


Making Pumpkin Soup!

After reading the story ‘Pumpkin Soup’ we decided to make our very own healthy pumpkin soup! We each had turns cutting up the pumpkin, mixing the pot and adding in the onions, water and salt.

Then, when it was cooked we all had a taste.

We did a very good job!

We dried out the leaves and twigs we found on our nature hunt and used them to create our very own leaf men!

Nature Hunt! We have been busy exploring nature and our school grounds :)

Cutting up Spaghetti! - Developing our fine Motor Skills

Rescue the Bears! Fine Motor Control Activity!

Science Day

We have been experimenting with colour mixing!

We had 3 experiments to help us explore and learn about colours.

1.Frozen ice paints – We heated up the ice cubes to make them melt and watched as the 2 colours mixed together to make a new colour.
2.Fizzy Monster Potions – We used bi-carbonate soda and coloured vinegar to make fizzy colour mixing potions.
3.Walking Rainbows – We used coloured water and tissues to make colourful rainbows. Each tissue soaked up a colour and when the two colours met in the middle, we watched a new colour form! It was lots of fun!

Self Portraits Paintings

Still image for this video

Self Portraits Using Natural Materials

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