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Great Harwood St John's

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Understanding the World

Drawing a map of our Journey

Creating the Solar System Outdoors

We created the solar system outside and walked around the sun to show how the planets all orbit the sun. 

We have remembered lots of interesting facts:

The sun is a special star. It is very hot.

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun.

Venus is the hottest planet.

Earth is where we live. It has lots of water and land.

Mars is a rocky, red planet.

Jupiter is the largest planet.

Saturn has rings made of rock, ice and dust.

Uranus spins on its side.

Neptune looks blue and is cold and stormy!

The Solar System

We have been learning all about space and the solar system. Mia was a superstar and decided to make all of the planets at home to show the rest of the boys and girls. She could even name all of the planets in order. What a clever girl!

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