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Great Harwood St John's

CE Primary School


Great Harwood St John's CE English Intent


The English Curriculum at St John’s aims to promote good speaking and listening skills with an important emphasis on vocabulary. It will provide a firm foundation in phonics to enable children to acquire early reading and writing skills. These skills will be nurtured so children take pride in their writing and develop a love of learning.


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Storytelling Week

We started Storytelling week by inviting parents into school to our Reading cafe. The children and parents enjoyed reading with each other whilst enjoying a drink and a biscuit. I wish every week could start like this.

Secret Reader

We had a fantastic start the week with our secret reader draw. Miss Parker drew the names of the teachers out and then matched them to a class. The teachers then read a story of their choice to the class they won in the draw. The children love hearing stories especially when they are read by someone different to the class teacher. 

I wonder who will get to read next time.

We enjoyed having an author in school.

Look at the books we have been reading.

Library Visits

Every class in school has visited our local library. The children enjoyed listening to the librarian read to them and then being able to explore all the different books.

World Book Day

The Owl class children went on a treasure hunt. They searched through reading books looking for glimmering pieces of treasure.

The KS1 children visited Tesco to spend their World Book day voucher. The children couldn't wait to open their books and start reading.

The owl children buddied up with Heron and Robin class children. Everyone enjoyed listening to and reading stories.

Parents sharing books with children

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