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Great Harwood St John's

CE Primary School

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School Logo

Great Harwood St John's

CE Primary School

Sport at St.John's

Our Wellbeing Warriors


Our Wellbeing Warriors are Isla Wakeman and Habeeb Khalid.  

They are currently working to set up their priorities for the rest of the year and are enthusiastic about helping and supporting the other children in school in terms of health and wellbeing. They were selected for their continuous excellent efforts and achievements in PE and sports when in school.


So far this year, they have organised competitions across the whole school, visited and chatted to the different classes, led some worships and taken ownership of two of the boards in the hall with an aim to improving knowledge and understanding of healthy eating and healthy minds.


Playground Leaders

Our playground leaders are enthusiastic, reliable and friendly and work hard to include all children during break times; being supportive and assisting them to understand simple rules of games, turn-taking and encouraging active play.


Sport Council

Each class teacher nominated two children from their class to become part of the Sport Council. These children meet with Mrs England to speak on behalf of their classes on any topics surrounding sport and PE in school. So far they have suggested after-school clubs, improving healthier lunches, organising a sports week and taking part in more competitions. Their ideas feed into what happens with PE and sport in our school.


After-School Clubs

We aim to offer a wide range of after-school clubs to engage all of our children. A range of clubs we have offered are:

  - gymnastics  - invasion games  - fun ball sports  - fundamentals  - team tournaments  - football - martial arts - tag rugby - cross country running 


Competitions and Events

At St John's, we try to enter a variety of competitive and non-competitive sports, such as - 

- Cross country  - Trikidz  - Tots on Tyres  - Bikeability  - Football B team league  - Move and Learn  - KS1 Dance Festival  - KS1 Gymnastics  - Girls Football tournament  - #letgirlsplay  




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