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Great Harwood St John's

CE Primary School


We have been on a bear hunt around the playground! We followed pictorial clues to help us find them using positional language such as: behind, in front, next to, inside, underneath, on top.

We have been on a number hunt! We worked together to find all of the numbers and their different representations around the playground.

We searched high and low and had lots of fun!

We then matched up the numbers with their corresponding amounts. There were numerals on conkers, spots on counting frames, Numberblock cubes and amounts shown on fingers.

Continuing with our knowledge of 'Number Composition', the children have used part/part/ whole diagrams to help them explore different ways of making numbers 1-5.

Count the Spots and Sort the Dominoes!

We have been learning how all numbers are made up of smaller numbers. The children counted the spots and sorted the dominoes into the correct number groups. The dominoes really helped the children to visually see the different ways of making each number.

Recognising Numerals and Counting out the Matching Amounts

Peg Numbers - Counting the pictures and putting a peg on the correct numeral

Ordering number discs and numerals 1-5 on a counting frame

Sorting into Groups

The children have been looking at similarities and differences between shapes and sorting them into groups. We also noticed how they could be sorted by colour.

Matching Activity

The children have enjoyed a matching activity with Mrs T. They looked at the shapes and discussed how they knew they matched the outlines drawn onto the paper.

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