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Great Harwood St John's

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We have been learning about Easter Sunday in RE this week. We looked at the Easter Story and learned how Jesus rose from the dead to start a new life in Heaven with God.
We looked at how Easter celebrates new life and designed our own Easter eggs using symbols of new life. 
The children created some beautiful designs, well done boys and girls! 

We have been continuing our learning about the Easter story in RE this week and looked more into the events of Good Friday. 
We learned how Jesus died on the cross and then went to start a new life in heaven with God. 
The children then created their own crosses thinking about designs representing new life.

The Last Supper

We have been learning about the last supper this week in RE and how Jesus gave his life for the people and asked God to forgive them for their sins. We discussed how Jesus showed his disciples to care for and help each by washing their feet even though they saw him as the King of Kings.  We also discussed how Jesus sent a very special helper called The Holy Spirit to help the people after he had gone. 

The boys and girls re-enacted the last super having bread to eat and blackcurrant juice for the wine. We talked about the importance of sharing and being kind and helpful to everyone. 

Palm Sunday

Still image for this video
The children had a Palm Sunday parade and waved palm leaves which they had made whilst ‘Jesus and his donkey’ walked down the middle.
Super acting boys and girls!

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